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What is chicken paprikash?

Hungarian Chicken Paprikash, makes use of the rich sweet taste of paprika in a warm creamy sauce to bring old-world flavors into the modern day. Traditionally, it is served as a sauce with chicken and spaetzles (dumplings), or over rice or noodles. The recipe is a sour cream based sauce that is almost always served with chicken and dumplings.

While Authenic Chicken Paprikash hails originally from Hungary, it has made its way throughout Eastern Europe and is found in regional cuisines as far away as Morocco and the U.S.  Recipes for Chicken Paprikash have been handed down for generations and vary from family to family and region to region. 

Chef Rick's Chicken Paprikash Seasoning allows you to customize your Chicken Paprikash for the tastes of your family and friends. Or just follow the recipes provided for an easy to make sauce or soup.

Other common names are:
Chicken paprika and Chicken paprikas.

Q. I already have a chicken paprikash recipe. How can this seasoning help me?

A. Our Chicken Paprikash sauce requires no roux or slurries. It comes out perfect every time. Once you follow the directions for making the sauce, you can then add anything that you normally would add to your own recipe. (White meat, dark meat, bacon, peppers, onions, whatever you like.) There's just no reason to add any spices or roux's.

Q. What is the difference between the soup and the sauce recipes?

A. Our chicken paprikash soup is a very specific recipe, that contains celery, onions, chicken and spaetzles. Our sauce recipe is the original recipe that our soup was based on. You add chicken broth, bouillon cubes, sour cream and our seasoning and you will have the best chicken paprikash sauce you have ever had.

Q. Does this soup and sauce freeze well?

A. Yes.

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