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Hi, I am Chef Richard Ulintz. I have been delighting diners with Chicken Paprikash, for many years.

The idea of having a complete Chicken Paprikash seasoning that requires no messy roux's or slurries has been unheard of.....


The difficulty with most traditional Chicken Paprikash recipes is that it is not easy for the inexperienced cook to make, and that is where
RTU Spices comes in. We've designed it so that there is no roux or slurry required to thicken
your sauce.

Bringing it to Your Home

On July 18, 2011 I took my Chicken Paprikash to the web and made it available to our customers, allowing them to make perfect paprikash every time.

I have developed several seasoning packages that allow my customers to create several different chicken paprikash meals.

One of these recipes will surely fit your paprikash needs perfectly.

Try any one of our recipes. It is sure to become a family favorite, one that you will enjoy making and one that your family will ask for seconds of.

I am so confident you will love our Chicken Paprikash Recipes, that whenever you serve them, people will be begging you for your recipe.

It is perfect chicken paprikash every time!

enjoy our chicken paprikash

Chef Rick,
RTU Spices
Chicken Paprikash.com

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