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Chef Rick's Chicken Paprikash Sauce

This is simply one of the easiest chicken paprikash sauce's that you will ever make.

What you will need:

5 quart pot
Wire whisk
1 package of Chef Rick's Chicken Paprikash Seasoning

seasoning packet5 quart potwire whisk





2 - 14.5 oz ounce cans of chicken broth
2 chicken bouillon cubes
1.5 lbs. of sour cream
1 - 4.25 oz. package of Chef Rick's Chicken Paprikash Sauce Seasoning.

For added flavor you can add onions, bacon, tomatoes, green peppers or anything else that you would add to your own chicken paprikash recipe.

Just saute your onions, bacon and or peppers in the same sauce pot before adding the chicken broth. If your adding tomatoes just add the diced tomatoes after thickening your sauce.



In a sauce pot, add chicken broth, bouillon cubes
and Chef Rick's Chicken Paprikash Sauce Seasoning.

5 quart pot5 quart pot with liquid

Whisk seasonings into chicken broth until smooth. Continue whisking while bringing liquid to a slight boil, then remove from heat and let cool for a few minutes.

5 quart pot with sour creampot of chicken paprikash sauce

Add sour cream and whisk until smooth.

You’re done!

We just showed you how easy it is to make our sauce.
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pot of chicken paprikash

Once you have made our sauce, you simply add your pulled chicken and dumplings to a sauce pot and add enough sauce to cover it.

bowl of noodles

This sauce poured over egg noodles has quickly become a kid favorite.

"Many of our customers have commented on how much their kids love this sauce over noodles. This was an unexpected outcome that we've discovered shortly after a few moms were able to get thier children to try it"

Chef Rick

ejoy our chicken paprikash recipes

Chef Rick

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