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Chicken Paprikash Seasoning


Try our Chicken Paprikash Sauce Seasoning!

This sauce is prepared in literally a matter of minutes!. You can freeze it into smaller portions and pull out what you need. Simply place your cooked chicken and dumplings (or noodles) into a small pot, add enough sauce to cover it and reheat it to 165 degrees.

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Chicken Paprikash Sauce


Try our Chicken Paprikash Soup Seasoning!

One package will make about 8 servings of one the the best chicken paprikash soups out there.

This recipe has a rich and creamy mild flavor!

It is very filling and can be eaten as a meal.

Our Best Seller!

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Chicken Paprikash Soup


Try our Crock Pot Seasoning!

Simply one of the easiest slow cooker or crock pot recipes for chicken paprikash you will find.

Basically, add a can of chicken broth, a pound of chicken, a few sliced onions and a package of seasoning! Makes about 4 servings.

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Crock Pot Seasonings



Try our Soup Seasoning for Restaurants and Caterers.

This Jar makes 5 Gallons of the best Chicken Paprikash Soup out there.




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Chef Rick's Chicken Paprikash Soup and Sauce Seasoning




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